Posted - October 11, 2022

Fall for Improved Vision with Life-Changing LASIK

fall for LASIK at ighani eye care laser vision correction

Fall is the Perfect Time to Fall in Love with LASIK

With the official start of fall just a few weeks ago, North Texans are hopeful that someday soon, we might see cooler afternoons, crisper mornings and maybe just maybe, get to pull out our sweaters and boots.

With the turn of the season, you could turn the page on poor vision once and for all with Life-changing LASIK from Ighani Eye Care. With improved vision, free from the hassles and restrictions of glasses and contacts, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the outdoors this fall (and every other time of year!). Imagine hiking, biking, gardening, walking, running, whatever you like to do! Without having to worry about losing or breaking your glasses, sweat or dirt in your contact and all the other hassles that come with poor vision. LASIK offers freedom. Let’s learn more.


What is LASIK?

LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis. It is a type of refractive surgery commonly referred to as laser vision correction. LASIK treats nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. So if you wear glasses and/or contacts, and you fall into one or more of the above-mentioned categories, LASIK may be a great choice for you!

Modern LASIK has very little downtime, and most patients drive themselves to their post-op appointment the next day! In fact, most LASIK patients report excellent vision within 24 hours of their surgery. Most people are able to return to work and many normal activities the very next day. You will have a follow-up appointment at Ighani Eye Care the day after your procedure for a quick post-op check. Any issues or questions you have will be addressed at that time.


Is LASIK Right for Me?

At Ighani Eye Care, we understand that LASIK isn’t right for everyone, and Dr. Farshid Ighani (Dr. I) is committed to making sure every person he recommends LASIK to is an ideal candidate. He simply won’t perform LASIK on anyone who isn’t!

Determining if you are an excellent candidate for LASIK is the first and most important step. “Good outcomes depend on several factors, including technology and the skill of your surgeon,” said Dr. I. “And to a large degree, favorable outcomes depend on careful screening to make sure each patient is a good candidate for the procedure.” 

Dr. Ighani meets with every candidate personally to go over every little thing that goes into determining if LASIK is a good fit for you and your unique eyes. He will only recommend LASIK for those who meet all the criteria for excellent LASIK candidates.


Why Choose Ighani Eye Care for Life-Changing LASIK?

Experience. Farshid Ighani, MD, and Dr. Brian Anding, are Board-Certified Ophthalmologists and highly skilled Cataract and Refractive specialists with many years of surgical experience. Dr. I has been in private practice since 2009, and opened Ighani Eye Care in early 2022. Dr. Anding joined Ighani Eye Care soon after and they proudly work as a team to help their patients achieve clear vision.

Care. More than a tagline, “I care. You’ll see.” is a promise. A commitment made to each patient by every staff member they are honored to serve. From eye exams and eye disease management to LASIK and modern cataract surgery, at Ighani Eye Care, they want to be your trusted eye care provider in every season of life.

More than a provider of the latest advancements in ophthalmology, Dr. I’s vision isn’t just about technology – it is about people. “We treat each person that walks through the doors of Ighani Eye Care with respect, honor, warmth,” said Dr. I.


Ready to Fall for Life-Changing LASIK and Fall in Love with Your Vision?

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to say hello to improved vision and goodbye to the hassles and restrictions of glasses and contacts? Say yes to life-changing LASIK at Ighani Eye Care. Schedule your no-obligation, completely FREE LASIK consultation and let’s see if LASIK is right for you.

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