comprehensive eye exam at Ighani Eye Care

The Ighani Eye
Care Story

Ighani Eye Care was founded in 2022. After serving on the surgical team at leading eye surgery practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex since 2009, Dr. I was able to realize his dream of hanging out his own shingle and establishing a different kind of eye practice.

More than a provider of the latest advancements in ophthalmology, Dr. I’s vision isn’t just about technology – it is about people. We treat each person that walks through the doors of Ighani Eye Care with respect. Honor. Warmth. And each member of Dr. I’s team is committed to this same philosophy.

Meet Dr. I

When you walk through the doors at Ighani Eye Care, you’ll feel the
difference. You’ll feel like part of the family. Because in our eyes, you are.