Posted - June 17, 2024

First Time in 50 Years I Don’t Have to Wear Glasses!

Don Gooch, Ighani Eye Care Cataract Surgery Patient - LenSx® Laser System

Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery at Ighani Eye Care

Don Gooch lives in Forney, Texas, where he is enjoying retirement at 68 years young. When he began to notice his vision getting worse, especially at night, when he was dealing with glares from headlights while driving, he knew just who to call.

“About ten years ago, I had my annual eye exam with Dr. Farshid Ighani and it was the most thorough exam I have ever had,” said Don. As someone who has worn glasses for 56 years, he had seen many eye doctors over the years, but that eye exam with Dr. Ighani was impressive enough to remember.  So when Don’s vision began declining because of cataracts, “I knew exactly who to call when I needed cataract surgery,” he said.

Don made the 50-mile drive from Forney to Bedford for his cataract evaluation at Ighani Eye Care. He found out that Dr. Ighani and his partner Dr. Brian Anding have invested in a state-of-the-art, in-house surgical suite where Don could have his cataract surgery.


Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Don was one of the first patients to have laser-assisted cataract surgery in the on-site surgical suite. Dr. Ighani used the state-of-the-art LenSx® Laser System to perform the surgery and correct Don’s astigmatism. The laser-assisted surgery is faster and more precise than traditional cataract surgery and provides faster recovery time for patients. 

Don had his surgery on the first eye and then five days later, on the second eye. He admits he was a bit concerned about pain during the procedure and the recovery after cataract surgery. “Dr. Ighani told me not to worry and he was right. I only felt a slight pressure during the procedure and the recovery went very smoothly,” said Don.

Don loved the fact that because the surgery suite is on-site at Dr. Ighani’s office, he saw all the same familiar Ighani staff member faces he knew from his regular eye exam appointments. The ease, convenience and familiarity of having the surgery done at Dr. Ighani’s office greatly reduced any anxiety Don had about the procedure. 


Glasses-Free After 50 Years

“It was an amazing experience from start to finish,” he added. “I can’t express enough gratitude for Dr. Ighani and his staff! The whole process was seamless from check in, pre-op, the actual surgery, and post-op. The results were way beyond my expectations! I couldn’t be happier. My vision is now 20/20, and for the first time in 56 years, I don’t have to wear glasses! I could not have made a better choice than going with Ighani Eye Care for my cataract surgery.”


Cataract Surgery Is an Opportunity

At Ighani Eye Care, we want our patients to view cataract surgery as an opportunity! An opportunity to achieve restored vision, and regain confidence and independence as a result.

But even beyond restored vision, selecting a premium lens in conjunction with cataract surgery offers you the opportunity for improved vision and reduced dependency on glasses, contacts and even reading glasses!


Why Choose Ighani Eye Care

Whether you need cataract surgery like Don or need management of conditions like glaucoma or macular degeneration, Ighani Eye Care is the answer. For a lifetime of healthy vision, it is recommended to have a comprehensive eye exam once a year. 

More than a provider of the latest advancements in ophthalmology, the vision at Ighani Eye Care isn’t just about technology – it is about people. We treat each person that walks through the doors of Ighani Eye Care with respect. Honor. Warmth. And each member of the team is committed to this same philosophy. 

At a time when personalized care is becoming more rare, Ighani Eye Car is proud to do things a little differently. “When you walk through the doors, you will feel the difference,” said Dr. Ighani. “You’ll feel like part of the family. Because in our eyes, you are.” Schedule your appointment today. 

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